August 15, 2011

They're still raping kids

Evil bishop Robert Finn/NYT
If you think the Roman Catholic child abuse scandal is all in the past, you should read this story in the NYT. It's the same old tale: priest repeatedly abuses children; the bishop knows about it; the bishop says nothing; and the priest continues merrily on his way. This one is going on in Missouri right now.

Special bonus: the bishop is an Opus Dei priest who swept into the parish and immediately destroyed many great, kind programs in order to redirect the diocese's funds toward massive anti-abortion protests.

No morality. That's what we always see from officials of the Roman Catholic church.

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PatO said...

Its happening everywhere, but this one got caught, and Catholics just don't care enough to do anything about it.

In New York, a 16 yr old girl came forward after a priest mad sexual advances, and the Catholic League and the nation's top bishop, Bishop Dolan, immediately blamed the victim. The priest admits to massaging her in a closed room, and blamed her for "wearing short skirts".

They're all guilty as sin.