August 26, 2011

Mikey Bloomberg loves them jackboots

The Mayor of Money.
I always get a kick out of watching Mike Bloomberg talk. The man is so unconnected to normal life.

Today he appeared on live TV to tell New Yorkers what they had to do because of the hurricane. He loves that have to do stuff. Essentially, he is a rich person who protects the rights of rich people and businesses. But he also adores authoritarianism. (Just check his city's marijuana arrest records.) Show him some jackboots and he starts drooling, wanting to lick the soles.

Watching him on the teevee today, it seemed he really enjoyed telling people they'd have to evacuate their homes. But he also seemed to hate the flip side of this authoritarianism: having to offer shelter to those thrown out on the streets. Each time he had to say something like "shelters will be open to receive the displaced", he said the words quickly, to get them out of his way. Those words didn't matter to him. And when he switched back to the pushy, authoritarian stuff, his voice became more powerful. He spoke with gusto about shutting down subways and buses and forcing evacuations of huge swathes of New York. Mikey likey.

The little people don't exist in Mayor Mikey's mind. He's not the Mayor of New York, he's the Mayor of Money. That's a very different thing. Anyway, he's funny to watch. Thanks, Mikey. I needed a laugh.

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