August 12, 2011

NY Archdiocese finds sex ed "troubling"

Archbigot Dolan
Do you believe the gall of these folks? The Roman Catholic Church, the one that goes around raping kids, is upset that students in NYC public schools are going to receive sex education! Do these priests have no mirrors? Here's an excerpt from the Times article:
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York called a new city requirement that sex education be taught at all public middle and high schools “troubling” on Wednesday, and some Catholic officials said they would advise Catholic parents not to let their children participate. 
I assume they're worried that children would be encouraged to contact the police if an adult abused them. This would cramp the church's style. They want their old world back, the one where they could do whatever they pleased to anyone they encountered, and suffer no repercussions.

Well, churchy guys, welcome to 21st-century New York. Maybe you don't fit in here anymore. Heck, maybe you don't fit in anywhere. So why don't you just pack up your supernatural toys and your funny hats and your absurdly expensive "vestments" and move to a secluded island where there are no children? 

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