August 13, 2011

Stop the pervasive religious nonsense

Cartoon / Sydney Anglicans
There's a headline in the LA Times today. It says, "Holy altar found in Mexican drug tunnel into California".

Hey, LA Times guys. What's with the "Holy"? It's wouldn't be enough for you to say "Altar found . . .?" Nope, it has to be holy. I guess the writer could tell, huh? How?

And the altar wasn't even in a tunnel! When you read the story, you learn they found it in a house. Yet they turn this into a headline about a "holy" altar in a "drug tunnel". Little care goes into newspaper stories these days.

I'm so sick of the omnipresence of religious words and imagery in print and media. How many times have you read a news story that mentioned "the holy city" of Karbala? Why do they say these things? It only perpetuates the nonsense. What the hell is holy about a city (or anything else, for that matter)? Saying plain old "Karbala" wouldn't identify the city properly?

And then religious fools have the nerve to object to a simple atheist message on a bus. Amazing.

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