August 29, 2011

Harry's cute but what's with the military schtick?

Harry on military adventure.
Okay, sometimes I think "Prince" Harry is cute(ish). Men don't really get cute until their mid-40s, but for a young feller he's not so awful. The nicest thing about him is that there are tons of photos of him with his pants falling off. One always approves of such behavior in moderately attractive men. But what is this military thing all about? To me, he seems to adore it in a fan-boy sort of way -- can't get enough of his military adventures, our Harry. (Their Harry?)

There's a story out today about him doing even more army stuff:

EL CENTRO, Calif. (AP) — Prince Harry — a British Army captain — will train at two U.S. military bases in California and Arizona as part of an Apache attack helicopter course conducted by his country's Defense Ministry. 

What's with this guy? I'll bet he has sex with his uniform (partly) on (and partly falling off). Seriously, I think the guy's got issues. He loves war (and soldiers; just saying). The lad loves his mates and says so quite often -- can't bear to be parted from them. Perhaps he played with soldiers too often when he was little. You'd think Diana would have put the kibosh on that, but there you go. He makes no sense to me at all, but he is cute(ish).

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