August 22, 2011

Computer troubles abound

So there was this big storm, see? I've never seen a storm like it. Lightning was crashing all around the house and the thunder was awesome. Best storm ever. We thought we'd die, for sure.

But we lived. And after the storm, my computer wasn't the same. The poor thing got sick from the lightning. Anyway, I've been unable to post or get email or do anything for a few days. I just got back from the Apple Store and had to leave my computer there for repair! The poor thing will be so lonely without me. In the interim, I borrowed back my old one from my sister, so at least I can stay in touch.

Readers, I had a ton of good posts ready and waiting for you. Unfortunately, they're all in the Apple Store on the sick computer so you'll have to settle for this tale of woe, at least for today. I promise I'll work up some fun posts for the coming week.

I missed all of you, and your millions of kind comments. (And yes, that's a slam against you, dear lurkers). I missed my online life. It's impossible to live without a connection these days.

So, whatcha been doing? Did you miss me?


Artichoke Annie said...

I did miss you!

I hope the Apple Store can work some magic on your computer. Computers and lighting don't go well together at all.

cm said...

Of course I missed you!

writenow said...

Aww, my heart is warmed. Thanks.