August 27, 2011

Popey guy laments world's "amnesia" about god

Amnesiac popey guy.
Oops. I missed this last week. During his fabulous trip to Spain (which I'm sure involved frequent, exciting costume changes), the popey guy forgot all about the 34 dead boys and the mad transferring of pedophile priests that took place under his watch. Oblivious to irony, he complained that the world had "amnesia" about god.

Here's the lede:
MADRID (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI complained Friday that modern society has a certain "amnesia" about God as he lamented the dwindling of the faith during a visit to Spain, a once staunchly Catholic country . . .
Indeed. We have amnesia, eh, popey guy? You only wish. Then maybe we'd forget about your priests raping all those children. What gall. It's very GOP, don't you think? When you call a Republican on something, he just turns around and accuses you of doing the same thing. This is straight out of the GOP playbook.

So here's the popey guy, chastising the world for its amnesia -- as the world watches in horror while the church claims amnesia about the pedophile priest scandal. They don't remember doing anything bad. That's pretty much been their defense all along. As usual, there is startling hypocrisy in the popey guy's words.

By the way, popey guy. It's not that we've forgotten god; it's that there is no god. See? There's nothing to forget.

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