August 20, 2011

Life without the internet

Pre-internet fun.
Update: After writing the post below, I lost my internet connection for over a day! Aaaaaargh!

Yesterday there were periodic outages on the net. Daily Kos didn't come in for a while. Sci-blogs were spotty at best. And then it cleared up. I haven't read any news reports that explained the outages.

Then today my internet connection disappeared periodically -- for hours at a time. I have no idea if these things are related but I do know that I hate when anything gets between me and the internet. It's my lifeblood and I think many of you can identify with this.

It made me think about the old days. Life was deadly boring and so slow before the internet arrived and saved us. I mean, before the net you actually had to look up phone numbers in a book! Can you imagine?! And driving directions were something you got from Uncle Otto -- if he was sober enough. Life was not good.

Computers were the first step. I've always said that if computers weren't invented when they were, I would be dead. I would have succumbed to boredom and killed myself, truly. But computers did come along and they allowed me to do things fast. I like fast. Suddenly life picked up its pace. And when the internet came along, the picture really brightened.

I cannot live without my computer and the internet. Take anything else away: food, medications, TV, heat, A/C -- I don't care. But don't you dare touch my internet.

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