July 14, 2011

Funny church terminology

O'Malley's magic decoder ring.
There's an article in the NY Times today about Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley selling six churches. It made me laugh because of the church's terminology. Here's an excerpt:
"The decision announced Thursday after several weeks of 'consultation, reflection and prayer' means the churches are no longer holy places, but secular buildings. 

"The church term for the move — 'relegation for profane use' — means the churches can be sold and used for other purposes in line with Roman Catholic values . . . "
Don't you love it? To sell the churches is to relegate them for "profane use" -- but only profane use that is "in line with Roman Catholic values". These guys are such self-important twits. When something is removed from their purview, it becomes "profane" by definition. Says so much about the culture. Gah.

One last excerpt from the story:
Some Catholics feared the archdiocese was closing churches to help pay for settlements in the clergy sex abuse scandal.
Profane indeed.

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