July 22, 2011

The pendulum effect

Everything in life is cyclical. Trends go one way and then the other, and this is true of society itself. I've seen this happen before.

Just before a major shift, the old regime becomes a cartoon of itself, and literally pushes itself over a cliff. We see that happening now as the GOP threatens to bring down the world economy because of petulance. This exaggerated version of the GOP is a pre-shock. Their whole movement is about to collapse. I think this sad chapter of American life, where god-obsessed know-nothings have run the country into ruin, is about to end. The level of their craziness tells me so. They're overripe; they stink. But rejoice, because this means the end is nigh.

When society gets so out of whack that you think it will surely blow up from logical contradictions, it means a change is coming. In this case, I think the crazy will literally bring on the normal. It's time for an opposite reaction.

Look at the 1950s. You want to talk boring? You know nothing about boredom if you weren't alive back then. It was stultifying throughout the United States. It was repressed and authoritarian and a million other deadly adjectives, but mostly it was boring. So what happened? The Sixties, that's what! Yay! Sex and fun!

The insanity that has our country by the throat is on the way out. I can tell by the smell. There will be a swing toward sanity, and probably quite soon. When these swings occur, they can be huge. Let's hope it's big enough to sweep out the stupid so sane ideas can return to the political arena.

Everything is a pendulum. Hang on. A clear-eyed view of reality may be one, short swing away.


Artichoke Annie said...

Oh dog, I hope so. The more I dig into the history of nuclear energy in this country I become more aware of the almost irreversible path we are on. We have literally painted ourselves into a picture that is smack dab between the devil and the deep blue sea. ....and I don't even believe in the devil. (from a similar quote from a book I read recently)

writenow said...

That's the problem. These fools will soon be gone from the national conversation -- but the world will be in ruins. Still, there's always a way out when you apply yourself to the problem. If the world becomes rational once again, careful planning will become possible. I do have hope. I have to because of the kids.