July 2, 2011

Interview with Amanda Lear

This isn't a music video. It's Amanda Lear (Chinese Walk) being interviewed at the Dali Museum in Bruges, on Dutch TV. Although the interviewer speaks Dutch, Lear's responses are in English.

At the time of the interview, they seemed to be having an exhibition of her art at the Dali Museum. You see it behind her in the clip, and she speaks about the road she traveled as an artist. I found the clip interesting, especially the part where she recounts a story about her interaction with Salvador Dali. I thought others might enjoy it, too. It's not long: four minutes and 20 seconds.


Artichoke Annie said...

I did enjoy it. I like her art and love her 'whiskey and cigarette' voice, so sexy.

I just watched a documentary yesterday on Alice Neel and her life and art.

It has been very hard for women artists, hasn't it?

writenow said...

Dali's remark would lead one to believe she's always been a woman. Unless he so subscribed to her transgender identity that he simply called her a woman because that's how he saw it. I think it's fun that this rumor persists. And yes, her later art seemed good. As for Alice Neel, I've never heard of her. I'll go look her up.