July 8, 2011

Images painted with words

Today I found this article at the Fiction Writers Review web site. It's about an artist named John Sokol who creates writers' images from their words. I won't copy the images since he sells them. But check out the link to see one of the images, and then come back and read the next pararaph.

Kinda cool, huh? Obviously the guy can do this with any images or words. I was thinking it might be fun to have an image of yourself done in words that are a message from you to your descendants. You could leave the image to them in your will. And if you dislike them you could have your portrait made out of super-nasty stuff. You could really let go, knowing there is absolutely no possibility of a snappy retort. It could be wonderfully vicious. And the words could form an image of you snarling at them! Just think of the possibilities.


Artichoke Annie said...

Is there no end to man's creativity... will you be ordering a Keith O'Connor as 'Xmas Carol'?

writenow said...

Nope, I just want XC to be out there and available to readers. No portrait required, though it's fun to consider using a "jacket" photo. It being an e-book, I don't think "jacket" really applies. I have a funny photo of myself wearing white Mickey Mouse gloves. Maybe I'll use that one.