July 15, 2011

Active military personnel to march in pride parade

Well, it's about effing time. The first gay pride march ever to host active military personnel will take place this Saturday in San Diego. This is big, folks.

They can't march in uniform but will wear T-shirts that state their branch of service. And, nicely I think, straight service members who support them will march alongside them.

There's an article about this in the NY Times today. Here's a small excerpt:
Some will accompany a half-ton military vehicle as audio equipment belts out "Taps" and military fight songs to the expected crowd of thousands. They also will hold a 30-foot American flag and a banner with the military crest on it.
That sounds so great. Go read it. Good stuff.

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Artichoke Annie said...

Way to go San Diego... a favorite stomping ground of mine when visiting California.