July 10, 2011

Don't you love news from the Vatican?

Evil popey guy
AP today:
BEIJING - The Vatican has excommunicated a newly ordained Chinese bishop, a move that is likely to exacerbate already frayed relations between the Holy See and China’s governing Communist Party.

The decision to formally announce the excommunication of the bishop, the Rev. Paul Lei Shiyin of Sichuan Province, came a week after China’s state-run Catholic church ignored the Vatican’s objections and went ahead with the ordination ceremony, which was attended by seven other bishops.

The Vatican said the bishops who took part in the ordination had “exposed themselves to serious canonical sanctions’’ and could face excommunication, according to the statement.
So, let's see. Ignore one of the silly church rules and you're tossed out of the church (and out of heaven). But rape a slew of young boys and that goes under the radar.

It's quite a "church" they've got there, isn't it? They act just like gangsters with their own rules and priorities, and the world be damned.

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