July 7, 2011

Are these the "good old days" for this blog?

I must say, I enjoy writing posts for the blog. And frankly, the lack of commenters doesn't bother me. Annie's quite enough -- and there's always the occasional comment from Carmine, who reads the blog daily (and better yet, supplies me with images. Go, Carmine). Plus the blog sees about 50 hits a day. I have no clue who these visitors are since they never leave breadcrumbs.

But now that I've finished Xmas Carol (see short post below) I'm inevitably closer to the day when the public gets its hands on my novel. In the e-book I'm going to include a link to this blog. I guess this means that at some point we'll hear from satisfied readers, unsatisfied readers, and all sorts of irate wingnuts. Whatever the result, it won't be the same blog.

So I'm thinking maybe these are the good old days. The nature of the blog will change when/if readers visit. I'd love it if a lively, good-spirited group of commenters arrived. As for the wingnuts, what can you do? There are wingnuts in the world, and that's a fact. Hopefully, a group of commenters will have fun razzing them. It might even get a bit PZ-ish around here. One can hope.

One final note: after the book is out, I'm not at all sure how I should handle comments that contain spoilers. This is a biggie for me. Each of my books has surprises for readers. If commenters talk about those elements of the book(s) here -- it will screw up the experience for potential readers.

Well, I'll figure it out when I get there -- if I get there. Maybe no one will buy my book(s). In which case, Annie and Carmine and I will just have to carry on without the throng. Oh, the humanity! On the other hand, what the hell. We're up to the task.

What do you think? Savannah? Anyone?

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