July 2, 2011

Offering thanks to Dolan this Sunday

The smiling face of evil.
I want to openly offer my thanks to Archbishop Timothy Dolan. I firmly believe that his vicious and relentless remarks against gay people and gay marriage literally brought about the passage of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York last week.

Everyone heard the terrible things he said and they saw the viciousness of the man. Here is a higher-up in a trillion-dollar mega-church whose power spans the globe -- and yet he took the time to denouce the right of two people to formalize their loving relationship. And he made believe he was speaking for god as he vomited forth these words. It was sickening -- and people were watching.

This is a man whose church closed adoption agencies in areas that began to allow gay couples to adopt. They kept children in orphanages rather than allow gay couples to offer them a loving home. This single act reveals so much about the empty "morality" of the Roman Catholic church.

For years, Dolan has used his bully pulpit to rail against same-sex marriage. He has equated the love between two men or two women with polygamy and bestiality. And he always tells his listeners that these are not merely his words, but the wishes of a "loving" god.

People, including lawmakers, saw this evil man express hatred for an entire class of people for no intelligible reason. This made them think, though not the way Dolan intended. The foolish archbishop's words caused lawmakers to see the stark inequity before them, perhaps for the first time. And they couldn't countenance it so they voted for fairness and equality.

You did this, Timothy Dolan. And for this I offer you my thanks this Sunday. You lowered the status of the church with your rank, indefensible actions, while simultaneously raising gays to official status. Your vicious words actually helped gay marriage become a reality in our state. And know this: when you uttered those words, you also destroyed your church's credibility.

Keep it up, Timmy. Because if you do, there won't be a Catholic church in New York twenty years from now -- and that will be a very good thing.

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