July 3, 2011

Enigmatic is good

You can't get much more enigmatic than the lyrics in this song by Nick Drake. It's called "Know". Here are the lyrics:

Know that I love you
Know I don't care
Know that I see you
Know I'm not there.

And here's the song.


Artichoke Annie said...

This made my brain itch - I had to turn it off, which in and of itself was rather enigmatic.

But if the assignment was to paint a visual for 'enigmatic' you earned an A+.

Aside from the fact it might be a cruel idea, you should have Candy listen to this to get her reaction. I am curious to know the results...

writenow said...

I love finding lyrics that seem to make no sense. This is probably why I'm such a Bon Iver fan. He's the mother lode.