July 19, 2011

Just how shady is that popey guy?

The evil archbishop Charles Chaput
Pretty damn shady! Today there is news that the popey guy is removing Philadelphia's archbishop Justin Rigali because of, well, you know:
A Philadelphia monsignor is fighting child-endangerment charges for allegedly transferring problem priests, while three priest co-defendants are charged with rape.
So who does the popey guy slip into this slot? None other than archbishop Charles Chaput, whom the Times describes as an "outspoken conservative" who "fought efforts in Colorado to extend the time sex-abuse victims have to file suit."

And did I mention the new guy is virulently, hatefully, insanely opposed to gay marriage?

Nice going, popey guy. Each day your church looks more like the scum on city sidewalks. Let's see: your priests rape children, you hide their acts, and fight the child victims when they seek justice. 

Atop this infernal heap, engineering everything, is the evil popey guy. (Cue scary music.) Great job, popey guy. You'll go down in history, all right -- just not the way you planned.

By the way, the headline for the story at the NY Times is, "Pope assigns Denver archbishop to troubled Philly". It should say "Pope assigns troubled Denver archbishop to troubled Philly". Just saying.

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