October 19, 2013

The Tomb of Ligeia

During the dreadful baseball game last night, I flipped back and forth between it and "The Tomb of Ligeia", the old Vincent Price movie with Kim Hunter. It was fun.

First of all, there were lots of top hats. I enjoyed seeing them though I disapproved of the way they all had curled-up side-brims. I think a flat brim is much cooler. For her part, Kim Hunter had some great riding outfits. So it was fun to look at.

Two things stuck out for me. First was a comment the Vincent Price character made. He wore large, dark, strange-looking sunglasses in the movie. When asked why he wore them, he explained that he had "a morbid reaction to sunlight." I love that. From now on, I'm going to tell people I have a morbid reaction to sunlight.

But the funniest thing was watching the Kim Hunter character ride side-saddle while galloping in a fox hunt. Now, come on. Side-saddle is the most ridiculous thing ever. She would have been flung off the horse if she wasn't stuck onto it with glue.

If anything, women should have been able to ride in regular fashion in those days, given the ample covering of their voluminous skirts. And men might ride side-saddle to avoid splitting their pants.

Whatever. And then the evil Cardinals won the baseball game. At least I had Ligeia to amuse me.

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