October 22, 2013

Shades of Isaac Asimov

The world is actually focusing on the "Three Laws of Robotics". Well, they're not that far along but they are on a path to a similar set of rules.
A proposal to pause the development of "killer robot" technology is seeing a surge of interest from robotics researchers as well as the representatives of key nations at the United Nations this month.
It seems there is consternation about the idea of sending killer robots out into the world. As in drones. The idea of a totally autonomous robot that can kill is rather chilling. Not to the United States, of course -- we're far too exceptional to be held down by mere rules of conduct. But there are those who want to focus on this issue before we reach the Terminator stage.

I applaud their efforts. But it's weird that we're actually at this sci-fi point in human history.

(Now, go read Xmas Carol and see where we're really heading. It ain't about killer bots.)

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