October 4, 2013

The eternally minor status of Catholic women

If I was a Catholic woman, I'd be hell-bent on making this pope answer a question. Why are Catholic women worth less than Catholic men? Why are they barred from being priests, bishops and popes?

The pope has been forthcoming on many topics. He's said things no pope has said before. But on the topic of ordaining women, he simply states that this door is closed. I'm sorry; that won't do.

Women should surround him wherever he goes, chanting "Why? Why? Why? Why?" When he comes out on the balcony to greet the throng, it should echo with a call: "Why? Why? Why? Why?" Women should demand a clear answer to the question. "Tell us, old man, why can we not be priests?"

"Why? Why? Why? Why?" The pope should hear this wherever he goes. When he finally answers the question, if he does, it will be the resolution to a great mystery.

No reason has ever been given for the status quo. That's what galls. To the church, it's just an incontrovertible fact, one that requires no substantiation. Priests never answer this question. But right now, in this church, it is the perfect time for Catholic women to demand an answer. I'd love to know what excuse the pope offers for denigrating half of all Catholics.

Pisses me off.

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