October 16, 2013

No surprise that I'm a bleeding heart liberal

For whatever reason, I took Esquire's survey. It's stated purpose is to learn if you're "a part of the new American center". Well, let's hope not.

Yup, I'm a bleeding heart liberal. But I could have told them that flat-out at the beginning, and skipped the damn survey.

As with all multiple choice questions, there were instances where there was no right answer. For instance, out of six choices on a question about abortion, I was forced to pick:
"Abortions should be legal for any reason, but not after the first six months of pregnancy."
That's not my ideal choice but there was no more sophisticated offering, such as "I'd leave it completely in the hands of the woman and her doctor." I have no feelings about six-month limits. If there are rational reasons for ending the pregnancy, it should be done no matter how far along the pregnancy is.

Anyway, if you want to waste time with no discernible payoff, go take their survey.

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