October 13, 2013

Boring baseball

Yesterday's two playoff games were incredibly, mind-numbingly boring. There was no action, no nothing. It was hitless inning after hitless inning. Yay, baseball. Meh.

But here's the thing. I'm waiting for the World Series to end so I can focus on writing my next novel. The day the games end, I will begin to write. But that day may come sooner than I thought.

If the Cardinals beat the Dodgers, and the Tigers beat the Red Sox, I won't even watch the World Series. I mean, who cares which team wins that match-up?

Good. I'm dying to go back to writing. Baseball is a huge distraction for me. Once it's out of the way, my real life (as a writer) will begin again.

Besides, the idea of missing Buck and McCarver's boring game observations is appealing. They ruin any game they call. Best not to watch.

Anyone watching these games? Nah, I thought not.


Artichoke Annie said...

Yeah I'm watching but that's because I didn't burn myself out watching hundreds of games during the regular season. This is when baseball begins for me. I'm for anyone except Detroit. I guess with that comment I have sealed the outcome of the World Series.

But getting back to writing that's a good thing. When I get all my current books read I am going to re-read Xmas Carol.

writenow said...

I can't believe you said that. K

Artichoke Annie said...

It's because I am a Cubs fan, our season begins and ends in April.

writenow said...

I was referring to your comment that you intend to read Xmas Carol -- for the third time. I'd better write a new book real soon. You're stuck in a groove. But I like it a lot! K