October 8, 2013

Russia to have big ears at Sochi

Raw Story reports that Olympic athletes and visitors will have no internet privacy during their stay in the bigoted pig sty referred to as "Russia".
Russia has installed an all-encompassing surveillance system at the site of next year’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi that will allow security services to listen in on athletes and visitors, security analysts said on Monday.

The surveillance system was first developed by the Soviet-era KGB, predecessor of the FSB special services, in the mid-1980s and updated in recent years, said prominent security analyst Andrei Soldatov.

Dubbed SORM, the system will give Russian security services free access to all phone and Internet communications at the Olympic Games in February without the providers’ knowledge, according to research by Soldatov and his colleague Irina Borogan.
I don't know about you but when I hear things like this, I think "Fun!" I hope everyone who attends the Olympics will spend an enormous amount of time tweeting, texting and emailing comments like:
Wow, Russia is such a pig sty. I can't believe how backward they are. Their bigotry toward gay people has lowered their reputation throughout the world. Everyone is laughing at them. Russians are like cavemen -- and stupid cavemen, at that. Hahaha.
This could be highly amusing. Imagine the dimwitted, hateful twits who will be reading this stuff. Seriously, Russia burned its Olympic opportunity before the games even began. What a colossal failure this is -- and on the world stage, no less. It's like divine retribution, which is funny in itself.

I pity the Russian people. Oh wait, I hear they're as anti-gay as their laws. So the hell with them. I say we redraw the world map and leave Russia off. We'll pencil in a large ocean where Russia once stood.

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