October 7, 2013

New review of Xmas Carol

There's a new review of Xmas Carol at Amazon today. Short but sweet:
I am a reader who often gets bored with fiction and non fiction alike. May have started and come back to three or four books at one time. Xmas Carol is a novel that totally held my interest from start to finish. Try it.
Another five-star review. Go read it if you haven't already. It's almost Halloween, which is perfect timing to begin the book. It starts with a child's Halloween that hurtles out of control, and goes on to present a horrifying but ultimately uplifting suspense story.  Pro-gay, pro-atheist, pro-fun. How can you not read it?

The future has something in store for humans, something that's not yet on our radar. You'll get a glimpse of this impending future in Xmas Carol. 

PS: did I mention that it's incredibly cheap?

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