October 21, 2013

Krugman spanks Greenspan

I love Paul Krugman, mostly for his clarity and vision, but also because he's not afraid to call famous people out. As he did yesterday on his blog at the NYT:
The thing is, Greenspan isn’t just being a bad economist here, he’s being a bad person, refusing to accept responsibility for his errors in and out of office. And he’s still out there, doing his best to make the world a worse place.
I couldn't help but picture Andrea Mitchell cracking her dry and dusty pancake makeup with a scowl as she read this. Krugman is a gift.

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Artichoke Annie said...

Andrea Mitchell and Julie Chen, two women that in another era would have been accused of "sleeping" their way to the top.

Oh and about Greenspan, probably an outside change he should have gone to jail along with some Wall St. banker-types.

But we don't do that in America we rather go after dopers.