October 25, 2013

Ahoy, me bloggies!

Did you miss me? I was out investigating nature yesterday -- and I'll have some photos to show you (at some point). But because you were so sad when you came here yesterday and found nothing, I shall regale you with random thoughts. Hooray!

The newest thing is left-handed conversion therapy. Why do so many people choose to be left-handed? It obviously goes against God's plan. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with left-handed people -- as long as they live right-handed lives. But it's best to nip the infection in the bud.

Next: I remember well my days of serving as an altar boy. As I recall, the Latin went something like this. (The first line is the priest, the second is the altar boy and so on.)

P:     Ad deum qui laetificat
AB:  Juventutem meam.
P:     Rectum sanctum
AB:  And to you too, father.

That last line was when English entered the mass.

Next: I'm amused by the common American phrase, "but still". As in, "But still, we shouldn't just toss him onto the street". It's kind of the argument beyond the argument's end. You've already decided to toss him onto the street. But still, shouldn't you do something for him? Maybe tuck a sandwich in one of his pockets?

Next: Ted Cruz has a face like pulled taffy. Has anyone mentioned this? Probably, but just in case, there you go.

And finally: I was thinking about the term "low-life". We say, "He's a low-life" to dismiss someone. But we never say, "They're a bunch of low-lives". That would be incorrect. It's always "low-life", even when pluralized. "They're definitely low-lifes". Now you're talkin'.

Which reminds me of something I noted in an old "Language of Baseball" post. I mocked the MLB announcers who said, "He's one of the best First Basemans in baseball". Now, I think that might actually be correct. After all, there is no such thing as a "first basemen". I've decided it's like saying "the Kennedys always summer in Stublonkportshire" rather than "the Kennedies always summer in Stublonkportshire". There are no Kennedies. I hereby condemn myself for mocking "first basemans".

Now you don't miss me so much, right? Aww, that's so cute.


cm said...

Great post! I'm looking forward to the pictures.

writenow said...

Hey, cm. good to hear your voice.