October 7, 2013

Amanda Marcotte's advice for women-hating male trolls

I love that Amanda Marcotte took the time to create a list of things that men who hate women and troll feminists' blogs can do to improve their chances with women. It's so darned sensible!

If you know one of these pathetic guys who thinks that because he can't get a woman to have sex with him, all women are man-hating feminists, send him a link to Marcotte's article. And tell him to take the suggestions to heart.

Honestly, any guy who spends all his time trying to leave hateful comments on women's blogs is a tremendous, obvious, sickening troll. That's not something you want to be, guys. Think about it: what if, instead of being purposely repulsive, you tried to improve yourselves? Heck, you might even get laid if you take AM's list seriously. As she says in the article:
Being a fun, interesting, likeable person is so much better than being a misogynist bore, both for your soul and for your prospects on the dating market.
So get off your asses and get to work, guys. Before, you didn't know what to do. Now you do. Hop to.

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