October 11, 2013

A painful day in sports

I found it agonizing to watch the Giants game last night. Jeebus didn't want Eli to win. I guess it's that simple. But seriously, two interceptions in the first five minutes? Dog!

And of course, all the while I was flicking between the football game and the baseball game. Alas, I found no surcease in this manner. The evil Tigers beat the wondrous A's.

Truly, 'twas a painful day in sports. The Mudville nine come to mind. Anyone out there watch the games?


cm said...

Because of your Mudville nine reference, I just went to wiki and read Casey at the Bat. Fun. I wish I had time to watch the games last night. What is going on with the Giants? Or more specifically, Eli.

writenow said...

It seems no one knows why they're not winning. But it feels like the losing trend is going to continue. It's nightmarish. With every loss, it feels like they have to climb a higher mountain.

I kept thinking of Peyton watching the game as Eli got intercepted. Painful all around.