October 20, 2012

A good head shot

Have you noticed this trend? A person is killed in some awful way and the media take the poor soul's Facebook head-shot and use it for their murder/suicide/wood chipper story. It's dreadful. Here's this ridiculous photo where the person is trying to project a fairytale image of him- or herself, and it ends up as the punchy graphic for their epitaph. May I say, "ugh" for all of us?

Norway's infamous mass murderer reportedly said, (I'm paraphrasing) "be sure you have a great head shot" before doing something like murdering 60 kids. Grand advice for a mindless public. I'm surprised the "look at me" American public doesn't go around with a camera dangling from its collective forehead, lest a single image of their life go unnoticed.

And I'm greatly surprised that no one has installed a camera in their coffin, so it can send a daily updated image to their Facebook page, accompanied by a year or two of posts which the deceased handily wrote beforehand. "Hi, it's me! Don't I look fabulous?" It's only a matter of time before this occurs.

Dog save us all.

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