October 7, 2012

A sensible pastor

Remember a post I did some time back, called Priest says something sensible? (The link goes to my non-graphics version of this blog). Well, the subject of the post, Pastor Alvin Carpenter, has commented more than once on the post. He just added this comment today:
I have done a little research on who you are and who you are makes my point. You contribute to the health of humanity. You make people better without the use of religion. I try to do the same. Religion should make people better and when it does not it has failed miserably. Wherever I speak I tell people if we make people worse then what is the point? The nuttiness I have to endure among my fellow religionists is unbelievable at times. I am a theist but the only people I can find honesty is among the atheists. Go figure. Keep writing! 
Is this a sweet pastor, or what? I keep urging him to read Xmas Carol, but I don't think he's biting. I still have hope, though, and I thanked him in the comments. I wonder what kind of "research" he did on me. There's the blog, of course. And I've done a few things in the world at large. Hmmmm. Keep on keepin' on, pastor. You've got my vote.

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