October 18, 2012

Feds bamboozle teenager, ruin his life

Ah, those Homeland Security fellas! We are so safe, with them protecting us. Why, just yesterday they fooled another dimwitted young man into acting against the US, kinda sorta.
A bloodthirsty Al Qaeda wanna-be was busted Wednesday after setting out to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in lower Manhattan with a bogus 1,000-pound bomb he built with the help of undercover FBI agents, officials said.
This 17-year-old child sounds vicious, doesn't he? Why, it probably only took several months for the intrepid FBI and NYPD undercover agents to fool this boy. Encourage his jihad fantasies, help him get the materials for the "bomb", build it with him, maybe rent him a van so he can deliver the fake bomb somewhere, and then arrest him with a hundred journalists watching. Success!

I imagine the agents who helped to bamboozle this boy are very proud of their actions. He'll probably never get out of jail, and his family's life is ruined. But wow, are they keeping us safe, or what? Great work, fellas. You know what you are, guys? You're a bunch of goddamn pigs with no respect for human life or the truth. This is why we refer to you as elite forces. Take a bow, fellas. You ruined another innocent person's life. Hooray!!!

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