October 1, 2012

My money is more important than my team

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — New York Jets owner Woody Johnson says, if asked to choose, that Mitt Romney winning the presidential election in November is a bigger priority than his NFL team having a winning season. 
In other words, he wants Mitt to win so he can protect his and his rich friends' money, and this is more important to him than seeing the Jets win. I'm sure the fans are pleased to hear this. On the same day, he also said this...
Johnson also says Jets fans deserved a better performance than what his team showed in a 34-0 loss to San Francisco on Sunday, calling it "absolutely unacceptable." 
A reminder: this is the same bozo who hired Tim Tebow as a quarterback. Makes sense that he'd choose Romney -- his decision is probably based on greed and stupidity, in equal parts.

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