October 6, 2012

Poor Chipper

(I know, I know; I'm the only gay guy who adores baseball. What can I say?)

Chipper Jones.
Did you watch the Braves/Cardinals game last night? It was a one-game playoff, sudden death personified, so it was a really tense group of players out there. But apparently the tension affected the fans more than the players.

There was a blown call at one point and it went against the Braves. The fans went wild. They tossed beer bottles and cans and other debris onto the field. I'm not talking one or two bottles here: they littered the field to the point that the game had to be halted for 20 minutes so the grounds crew could clean it up. I've never seen such trashy behavior by fans at an MLB game.

And it was Chipper Jones' final game. How could the fans do that to him? It was so disrespectful. He's been the best player imaginable for that team -- and the fans acted like pigs in his send-off game. It still makes me ill to think about it.

The Braves lost, and after what the fans did, I'm glad. They didn't deserve a win. But Chipper deserved far better. And just for the record, he had the best name in baseball. Chipper Jones. You can't do better than that. I wish him well (even though he killed my Mets for decades). And as for the Braves fans, they'd better think long and hard about their behavior during this off season. They stained their team's reputation. I don't think that's what fans are supposed to do.


Artichoke Annie said...

Little known fact, I nicknamed my grandson at birth "Chipper". Many years later he asked me why I called him "Chipper".... I said well....there is this baseball player named Chipper Jones, he plays third base....like your dad did, his jersey number is #10....like your dad.... so that and the fact you are a chip off the old block....like your dad. That's how you got this nickname from me.

So I was sad to see Chipper Jones go.... and agree with you that sometimes idiot fans can really ruin a game.

writenow said...

Sweet story.