October 30, 2012

The calm after the storm

The power was in and out yesterday. Even when it was on, the lights dimmed now and then. Figuring this would kill my electronics, I unplugged everything except the modem.

In the end, I spent the night watching the storm on my Macbook Air. The news stations were live-streaming, which made this possible. All the while, branches were hitting the roof and sides of my house. It was so windy that I was sure a tree would fall on the house. Never happened.

Checking the news this morning, I see that other people weren't as lucky. The subways flooded, fires took out whole neighborhoods, and people, including kids, were killed by falling trees. The hurricane was devastating for so many. And of course, it's only been light for a few hours as I write this. Who knows what they'll discover later today. I feel terrible about the losses people suffered. I cannot imagine what losing your child or your home is like.

But I'm also relieved to have dodged a bullet. And I'm shocked that my house has power this morning. In this area, the power goes out if someone sneezes loudly. Everything okay in your neck of the woods? Chime in.

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