October 1, 2012

It's de-stitching day

I'm off to the surgeon to have the stitches removed from my totally fabulous scar. If he suggests plastic surgery to cover it up, I'll just laugh. Cover up a great scar like this?! Madness.

One last thought before I leave. I just showered and it was such an unpleasant experience. Anyone else out there have hard water? It's a major pain. You must have the water treated or it'll gum up your pipes. I'm told "treatment" means putting "salts" into the water. Whatever.

As a result of the treatment, the water seems slimy for months. This is especially aggravating when you're in the shower. It never feels like you've gotten the soap is off. You continue to feel slimy no matter how intensely you rinse. And as I say, you have to live with this for months. The water tastes fine, it washes dishes and hands fine, but try and take a shower and you're in Grease City. Ugh.

Okay, just venting. See you later.

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