October 18, 2012

Shady Vatican ejects nun supporter

All stories about the Vatican make me laugh and this one was no exception.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday transferred to the United States a high-ranking Holy See official who had ruffled feathers at the Vatican by openly seeking to mend its frayed ties with U.S. nuns. 
Apparently, Archbishop Joseph Tobin didn't know that you must be ugly to American nuns at all times. His kindness and understanding didn't fit in at the pope's palace, so they posted him to Indiana -- the greatest insult possible.

I mean, seriously. He wasn't mean enough to the nuns. That's the church that exists today. There's also a bonus story in the article:
It's not the first time the Vatican has removed a high-ranking official who annoyed the Vatican bureaucracy.
The No. 2 official in the Vatican administration was named to the arguably important position of U.S. ambassador last year after he stepped on too many toes in exposing corruption and inefficiencies in the Vatican's day-to-day administration.
So let's see. The implied Vatican rules are:

1. Be mean to nuns (and women in general).
2. Don't point a finger at the Vatican, no matter how seedy or unethical its actions may be.

This is how you become a good Catholic. All it takes is blindness and viciousness. That's quite a church they've got there.

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