October 17, 2012

The end of the baseball season

A week or two back, I started to get nervous about the coming end to the baseball season. This happens every year. I shriek, "But what will I do in the evenings?!" It seems hopeless.

And then I remembered that last year, after recovering beautifully when the season ended, I wrote myself a note. So I looked for the note and found it in Stickies:
Baseball: Getting over it

Dear Keith,
Each year you wonder how you'll face the end of the baseball season. Here's how you do it, Keith. 
Remember, the World Series has McCarver and Buck, which ruins everything. This disgusts you so much that it helps you let go of your longing for baseball. I know you think this can't happen, but it does. When baseball finally ends, you're just happy not to have to hear McCarver's voice anymore.

As for the evenings, watching movies, thinking, jotting down notes, and writing take up the slack and eliminate the problem. You are never bored, Keith. Trust me on this. 

Don't worry.  Be happy.

I read that note and my trepidation fled. It's okay. I'll survive. In fact, the self-obsessed duo -- McCarver and Buck -- are hosting the Giants/Cardinals game tonight and I won't even watch.

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