October 22, 2012

The human-making apparatus

It's always intriguing to hear how we humans are formed. There's an article today at physorg about how faces are formed. Apparently, the process is guided by what we used to think was "junk DNA". "Enhancers" from this area direct the construction. If science appeals to you, you may enjoy the article. Here's a snip:
Wysocka focused on the first critical fold in the process of making an embryo, when the whole of the embryo is a flat sheet of cells that creases and closes over on itself to make a tube. Much of the tube eventually becomes the foundation of the brain and the spinal column, but one end sets the stage for the formation of the head and face. This process is driven by a small population of remarkable cells called neural crest cells.
It's weird that we were "tubes" at an early point in our construction. Life is such a strange thing. It arises naturally from matter and goes on to do impossibly complicated things. This is a pretty cool universe we live in.

Science teaches us new things. Religion teaches us nothing. Never forget this.

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