October 10, 2012

Taliban "fighters" shoot defenseless girl

I'm sure you've all read about it by now. Taliban shoots 14-year-old Pakistani girl who spoke out in favor of educating girls. It's just about the most disgusting thing these people have done.

I think we should always refer to these characters as the "cowardly Taliban". Everyone, everywhere should use this terminology at all times. You shouldn't be able google "Taliban" without seeing the tag "cowardly".

Because that's what they are. Not only was it incredibly cowardly to go after a child on a school bus and shoot her twice, it's cowardly to be a member of the Taliban. These are men who live in mortal fear of women. They want women to hide their bodies because they fear them. They want no education for females (or males) because they fear education. They are cowardly creatures, more lowly than any other creature living on the Earth. They're such cowards, they kill themselves rather than face up to the things they fear.

The Taliban are cowards. Say it all the time. We should never again see a headline that refers to them without the descriptive adjective "cowardly".

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