February 6, 2013

The Vatican's sex crimes

Sounds like the new sex crimes czar at the Vatican would like to crack the whip. But there's a curious disconnect in the story (and his thinking).
VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican's new sex crimes prosecutor has insisted on the need for transparency about the church's failures to protect children from sex abuse by priests. 

In his first public comments since taking office, the Rev. Robert Oliver quoted Pope Benedict XVI in saying the church must recognize the "grave errors in judgment that were often committed by the church's leadership."
Hmmm. Now, let's see. He's quoting the pope's words here. Something about grave errors having been committed by "the church's leadership". Who could this refer to? Why, I do believe the pope himself was in charge of all this for the past couple of decades. So those "errors" committed by "the church's leadership" refer to the popey guy himself. He is the man who is most responsible for hiding the sexual abuse committed by priests.

But sssshhhhh! No one's supposed to notice. Everything's fine. Move along.

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