February 22, 2013

Satmar Hasidic street gangs

In Brooklyn, "Satmar Hasidic scolds" are oppressing businesses -- again. These ultra-orthodox Jewish sociopaths want to force others to follow their ignorant, anti-women rules. But they're not just stating this at temple. The Satmars operate like a street gang. There's no place in America for actions like this:
Residents said the Va’ad Hatznius — known as the modesty patrol — struck again Thursday, blanketing lightposts and car windshields with flyers calling for the boycott of a new women’s clothing shop at 100 Lee Ave. and trumpeting an afternoon protest.

The store’s offense? Having big windows, through which the sight of women holding up dresses and picking through clothes are too easily observed from the street.
These people don't belong in modern society. I wish I lived in the area. It would be great fun to organize a bunch of women and men to dress scantily and hang out in their neighborhoods every day until they move away. I suggest they build a prison for themselves and live there. This way they won't be forced to see people being, you know, normal.

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