February 27, 2013

Or worse

Remember Dov Hikind, who dressed up in blackface for a Purim gathering last week? As I said when I wrote about the incident, the man is famous for opening his mouth and saying terrible things in an ungainly way. He's upped the ante:
“I’m sorry people were offended,” Hikind said at a hastily arranged news conference outside his home. “In hindsight, I should have picked something else,” he said. “It never crossed my mind for a split second that I was doing something wrong.”

Hikind repeated the apology, bizarrely, in a radio interview on Monday night, even as he questioned some of the criticism as “knee-jerk.”

“If I was doing it all over again? I would look at, you know, additional alternatives,” he told Zev Brenner on WSNR, “because my real objective is — it’s not about being a black person or Indian, or maybe I would be a gay person . . . by the way, would that be okay, Zev? If I played a gay person next year?” 
Critics from all corners of the Democratic Party had slammed Hikind, accusing him of being insensitive, or worse.
It amazes me that this guy has been a public figure for decades. If he represented my community, I'd consider paying him to remain silent.

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