February 28, 2013

Here's something I don't get

I'm going to use baseball as an example. During a game, you often hear the announcer say, "Those lefties sure do love that low-ball." And they do. You always see lefties go after that low-ball. It's right smack in the middle of their "wheel-house", as they put it. (Meaning the ball is right where you want it to be; it fits perfectly into your preferred swing.)

But why isn't the situation the same for right-handers? You'll never hear an announcer say "Those righties sure do love that low-ball." Doesn't come up.

Why there isn't true complementarity from left to right? Why aren't they equal? Doesn't a right-handed person do the same thing as a left-handed person, but from a different perspective? Why should there be a significant difference? I really don't get it.

Any suggestions?


Artichoke Annie said...

try this link: http://askville.amazon.com/lefties-pitched-low-inside-baseball-simply-righthanded-pitchers/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=3535615

I think it might be more of a left hand hitter vs a right/left hand pitcher????? Think about it, I bet you can break it down mathematically and make sense of the whole thing.

writenow said...

Always with the Googling, Annie. Awarulz had the best answer on that page. But I'm not totally satisfied. Mostly, though. I guess he who gets the most practice wins the day. And the lefties are getting that down and in pitch, so they learn. See Awarulz for full story. I can't link directly to his response. Good googling, Annie!

Artichoke Annie said...

Thank you. You always come up with the greatest questions....sometimes I have to try and find an answer. You would make a great teacher, K. Hmmm, make that 'you are a great teacher.'

writenow said...

Thanks, Annie!