February 12, 2013

Ratzi's post-pope outfits

Everyone's talking about what the pope will do, now that he's stepped down. Where will he live? How will he occupy himself? What will he be called? Hmph. Luckily, I'm here to tell you that these folks are missing the main issue by a mile. The big question is: what will he wear?

I mean, think about it. No pope has abdicated the throne since 1415. That means there are no modern precedents. The pope could carve out a whole new niche: fashionista ex-pope-a extraordinaire!

The pope has a real opportunity here and I'm sure he's aware of it. No doubt, he'll soon get together with a fashion designer to draw up a line of fabulous, post-pope outfits. It would be a whole new arena for fashion. He may even come up with a "uniform". For instance, he could go with a simple, violet pantsuit in cotton, perhaps with understated gold buttons. He may even begin to wear dresses. Gowns, more likely. The field is wide open.

So get your cameras ready. The popey guy is heading for the catwalk!


writenow said...

Artichoke Annie left the following comment, which I accidentally deleted:

Oh this is going to be something. I can just hear Joan Rivers squawking about this on Moda Polizia. Who wore it best?

writenow said...

With the violet outfit, I'm thinking he could wear a pair of shiny maryjanes. And I know JUST the perfect shade -- a subtle gray that's so light, straight guys think it's white. (Hat tip to Fran!)