February 14, 2013

A most pleasing garment

On a lark, I purchased a pair of overalls. It just seemed like a fun idea. Little did I know what an important step I was taking. I have never experienced such finery! This is raiment fit for a king.

I am never taking off my overalls. Soon, everyone who's hip, smart, rational and godless will wear overalls. We, the illuminati, will be identified by our stylish mode of dress. People will gasp; they will envy us. And over time, they will become bitter.

We will be it.


cm said...

I hope you have a big old wheat stalk to chomp on to go along with them there overalls. Yee haaaw!!! I poke fun, but your right, I'm jealous.

writenow said...

I can't believe how comfortable they are. And they look so stylish. It's a win-win thing. Hi Carmine!

Artichoke Annie said...

I know what you mean. I once owned overalls, loved them. Trying to find a pic to send to you.

Hey, Carmine, yee haaw to you too. ;-)