February 20, 2013

Disgraced cardinal Mahony thinks he's a saint

Phew. This guy is amazing. Even after it was shown unequivocally that cardinal Mahony hid the sexual predation of priests in his employ, he still doesn't acknowledge that he did anything wrong. And he never ever mentions the harm done to children. That just doesn't matter to this cardinal. You see, it's all about him.
Reflecting on the matter on his personal blog Wednesday, Mahony obliquely refers to his experience a "painful and public humiliation, which is spiritually a grace-opportunity."
That's right. He sees his transgressions as a "grace-opportunity." Isn't it special that things worked out so well for his eternal soul? After saying stupid things like this all week, he capped it off with this:
In a posting to his blog Monday, Mahony wrote that his personal Lenten journey involves suffering and "never protesting misunderstandings, and never getting angry because of false accusations."
Darn those pesky "false" allegations. They're always getting in the way of true spirituality. He ends his blog post this way:
I surely need your prayers and your encouragement in my own life to handle all of my mistakes, omissions, and commissions as God asks, and as Jesus and Mary lived out:  to take in what swirls around me, to hold it, to carry it, to transform it and to give it back as grace, blessing, and gift.
Jesus and Mary, walk with us and show us how to follow you!
How's that for chutzpah? This filthy creature thinks he's a saint! That's quite a church they've got there. I'm sure all the victims of priestly abuse are thrilled that Mahony will "give it back as grace, blessing and a gift". That makes the memories of sexual abuse so much easier to bear.

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