February 17, 2013

Exorcists happy with this pope

From HuffPo's ridiculous religion page:
"Benedict held an audience with exorcists from all over the world and welcomed us with words of great, great encouragement," Gabriel Amorth, devil fighter for the diocese of Rome for 27 years, said late Friday in an interview with Italian religious channel TV2000.

"He has continued to encourage us. The pope has done a lot to revise procedures... and given us powerful prayers that serve to exorcise," said Amorth.
Powerful prayers, eh? I'd like to hear these powerful prayers, wouldn't you? It's a wonder that certain words are more effective against the devil, and that it took over 2,000 years to locate these words. I wonder if the phrase "intrinsically disordered" made its way into the prayers.
He [Amorth] said that cases of full possession by the devil are very rare, but that he has seen victims "walk on walls, slither across the floor like a snake."

Disturbances caused by the devil, however, "have become extremely common."
And what are these disturbances, pray tell? He doesn't say. I wonder if "angry New Atheists" are among the unspecified disturbances.
The Association of Exorcists also has its work cut out because "the act of exorcism had been suspended for centuries, and while there is a huge request for exorcists, there are priests and bishops who do not believe in it."
Imagine that. Some priests are sensible.

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