February 18, 2013

Russian dash-cams

Thanks to the prevalence of forward-facing dash cams in the cars of ordinary Russians, the world was able to see video of Friday's meteorite. But perhaps you found yourself wondering, as I did, why so many Russian drivers have these cameras in their cars. Apparently, they're popular for very good reasons.
One is that “psychopaths are abundant on Russian roads” and even the slightest perception of rude driving can quickly escalate into a fist fight or worse. The second reason, is that if you get injured or have your property damaged in such a fist fight, the best evidence in a Russian court is camera footage. Also, the website says, Russian websites are hungry for gory, horrifying footage of automobile accidents.
Russians also install dashboard cameras as a way to protect themselves from corrupt law enforcement officials.
So there you go. Gotta have a dash-cam in Russia. Who knew?

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