February 9, 2013

About a foot of snow here

The snow is piled in drifts this morning, making it hard to say how deep it is. But I think there's about a foot or so of snow out there. The predicted high winds never arrived, so no trees fell down -- and I've still got electricity. That's so nice.

If you live in the northeast, chime in. How much snow did you get?

Nemo? Meh.


Artichoke Annie said...

This from Casey this morning: "At least 18 inches of snow and just a few minutes ago another tree came down under the weight of the wet snow! So far we haven't lost power though!"

Glad to hear you are OK. Keep us posted.

cm said...

Not as bad here as they predicted. Seems like about 8-10 inches. I never felt those 60 mph gusts they promised either. I'm glad for that.

writenow said...

Hi to both of you. Casey's tree story is scary. We have huge trees and I always worry about them in a storm. I wonder if the trees were Casey's or a neighbor's. Hopefully, all is well. The worst scene seems to have taken place on the Long Island Expressway. Imagine being stuck there in a storm! And these folks didn't even bring water or food. People, ya gotta think!

Anonymous said...

We got 30" on the north shore of long island. It took 3 hours yesterday to shovel out the driveway with cars. Today was the flat roof, then a path to the shed to get the bird feeder and another path to hang it. Poor birdies need some good seed.
As for those stuck on the LIE. No FOOD! Are you kidding? These people are thinking. They are thinking with arrogance and more than a touch of stupidity. Better yet choosing to stay in their cars when help came to rescue them. LOL. Don't they know people die in these situations? Not the likes of them of course.
The rest of us are cozied up in the house with a fire burning in the fireplace eating chicken soup that was made on Friday. I love snowy weekends.--

writenow said...

I'm with you. Snow is great. As for the wildlife, I fed the crows and jays and squirrels this morning and I've got a bucket of seed and peanuts ready to put out this eve for the deer. I do this daily. We're on the same team!